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Jewelry Buying Guide:  How To Select a Reputable Jeweler






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Jewelry and gems, The Buying Guide

How to select a reputable jeweler

Itís very difficult to give advice on this matter since there are so many exceptions to any rules. Sizes and years in jewelry business are not always absolute indicators of the reliability of a firm.  Some one person jewelry forms are highly respected; others are not.  Some well established forms that have been in business for many years have built their trade on the highest standards of integrity and knowledge.
One point worth stressing is that for average consumer, price alone is not a reliable indicator of the integrity or knowledge of the seller.  Aside from variations in quality, which often are not readily discernible by the consumer, significant price differences can also result from differences in jewelry manufacturing processes. Many jewelry manufacturers sell mass produced lines of good quality jewelry to jewelers all across the country.  Mass produced jewelry, many of which are beautiful, classic designs, are usually much less expensive than handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, or those on which there is a limited production. the work of some designers may be available in only a few select establishments, and may carry a premium because of skill, labor, reputation, and limited distribution.  Handmade or one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are always more expensive, since the initial cost of production is paid by one individual rather than shared by many, as in mass produced pieces.
Furthermore, depending upon the store, retail markups also vary, based on numerous factors unique to each retailer, including differences in insurance coverage, security costs, credit risks, education and training costs, special services such as in-house jewelry design and custom jewelry production and repair, customer service policies, and more.
The best way to select wisely is to shop around and compare the services they offer, how knowledgeable the salespeople seem, the quality of their products, and pricing for specific items. This will give a sense of what is fair.  As you do so, however, remember to ask the right questions to be sure the items are truly comparable, and pay attention to design and manufacturing differences as well.
If the jeweler canít or wonít provide the necessary information, then you go to another jewelry store, no matter how much youíve fallen in love with the piece. And, if you are making the purchase on a contingency basis, put the terms of the contingency on the bill of sale.
Never allow yourself to be intimidated into accepting anyoneís claims. A trustworthy jeweler will have to ask for your trust; he or she will earn it through knowledge, reliability, and a willingness to give you any information you request; in writing.

Again, in general, you will be in a stronger position to differentiate between a knowledgeable, reputable jeweler and one who isnít if youíve shop around first. Unless you are an expert, visit several firms, ask questions, examine merchandise carefully, and then you be the judge.

A word about gemstone investment

Caution is the only word we can apply to gem investment.  If you have taken the time to read any of the articles, you should now fully understand that the world of gems is very complex, that fraud and misrepresentation can be costly, and that the average consumer lacks the knowledge and experience to make sound judgments on the purchase of expensive gems without the assistance of a qualified gemologist appraiser.
It is for this reason primarily that we (at The Jewelry Hut) recommend that gems and jewelry be purchased first and foremost for pleasure they will bring to the purchaser/wearer, or as something to be handed down to future generations. The investment consideration, while it is certainly a valid consideration, in most cases should remain secondary.

Customer Satisfaction is of paramount important to The Jewelry Hut.

Buy with confidence at The Jewelry Hut.


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