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How to Select and Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring? Buying Guide






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Engagement Ring Buying Guide

How to buy an engagement Ring?

Buying a diamond engagement ring is part of a much larger decision that goes far beyond jewelry, tradition, or money.  the very fact that you are even considering such a commitment indicates that you have already made quite a journey. Let The Jewelry Hut expert jewelers help you finish with this quick guide to finding your engagement ring.

This small circle of gold metal is a very potent and significant jewel.  The unbroken circle symbolizes eternal love, a continuing, endless flow through time. This universal symbol has been an important part of the wedding ceremony for more than five centuries. Isnít it romantic to think that you and your mate are linked by this ancient tradition to brides and grooms who exchanged their wows through the ages? It not only symbolizes this marriage, it also links you to the chain of generations past and future who celebrate the marriage ceremony.

  • Establish your Budget
    According to generally accepted convention, a man should spend roughly two monthsí salary on a diamond engagement ring.  While this guideline is certainly not a rule, polls show that many men agree with this spending recommendation, and in the minds of many woman itís become an accepted standard. The Jewelry Hut recommend that you do not commit yourself to a specific dollar amount right away, familiarize yourself with the various options available before you decide how to spend your money. The Jewelry Hut Diamond Search is a good a good way to begin.  Or visit the Jewelry Hut Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Catalog.
  • Learn about diamonds
    To begin shopping for a diamond, you need to understand the diamondís four Cís evaluation: Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut.  By Understanding these qualities you can determine which traits are important to you, and you can find a balance between them that best suits your needs. To learn more about the diamondsí four Cs, visit the Jewelry Hut Diamond Buying Education Gallery.  This handy diamond guide is available to explain all terms you will come across as you shop, and it will be invaluable in guiding you to making the right choices to find the diamond for you.
  • Build your Ring
    As an engagement is an intensely personal experience, The Jewelry Hut expert jewelers has been using a tool to allow you to build your own personalized, engagement ring, with a diamond and a setting exactly suited to match her tastes and style.  To Learn more, visit The Jewelry Hut Custom Jewelry Gallery.
    In just a few simple steps, you can select a diamond that matches your budget and preferences in terms of the diamond four Cs. By choosing only diamonds that meet The Jewelry Hut high standards we make selection process easier while ensuring that your jewelry is truly timeless and exceptional.
    After you find a diamond you like, you can then choose the setting by browsing a variety of different styles that will fit your diamond. The Jewelry Hut settings, by design, are timeless, meaning they are classically styled to stay in fashion for generations.

Engagement Ring Setting

  • Ring Settings
    Ring Mountings, Ring Settings Collection
    This collection represents the finest quality, design and workmanship, of engagement ring mountings, engagement ring settings, and engagement ring semi-mountings, within this collection you will find classical settings, fishtail settings, four prong mountings, six prong mountings, bezel settings and an array of unusual ring settings, with The Jewelry Hut collection many of the semi mountings and settings are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit that special diamond or precious colored gemstone need.
  • Classic Ring Settings
    The newest addition the classical engagement ring collection.  The elegant traditional engagement ring setting has a revival.  Through this collection you will find four prong engagement ring settings, six prong engagement ring mountings, filigree motifs engagement ring mountings and contemporary engagement ring setting sets.  from the unusual platinum ring setting to the unique engagement ring setting set. Viewing an interesting assortment of exciting and unique ring setting head for that special engagement ring mounting. The collection of ring settings are designed with quality, comfort and style.  Available for all size diamond and colored gemstones and all shape gemstones, with choices of 14 KT gold, 18 KT gold, or platinum.  The jewelry Hut specialize in the difficult ring finger size.
  • Antique Style Settings Collection
    This collection of antique style mountings presented to you are of superior quality. The methods used to recreate the antique style engagement ring mountings are most unique in the jewelry market place today. The diamonds and gem stones used in our collection of engagement ring settings are inclusive of and in keeping with our policy of quality and workmanship.
  • Three Stone Diamond Settings
    The Jewelry Hut has provided a selection of three stone diamond rings which have been carefully selected for their quality and craftsmanship. As most of the three stone ring collection are custom designed, they are available in a varied assortment of diamonds and precious colored gemstones. The Jewelry Hut provides diamonds in colors, cuts, and clarity to fit everyone taste and budget.  Three stone diamond ring mountings and three stone semi-mountings are are also available.

Customer Satisfaction is of paramount important to The Jewelry Hut.

Buy with confidence at The Jewelry Hut.


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