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What Should You know about Buying Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings?
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Celebrating a Special Occasion with Jewelry

Nothing more personal than our response to color.  Color is the new language of passion, and nothing captures it better than distinctively styled jewelry.
Leave her speechless with our brilliant colorless and fancy colored diamond or bold brilliant gemstone jewelry styles.

The Name you rely on most - the first name in quality, dependability, and service - is now your first choice in style.

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Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings
Getting Started!.

Certified diamonds!  For whatever reason you have clearly made your mind up, that it is going to be an extra special engagement ring when you propose.

This part of the huge emotional equation has been solved, and now you need to work out the style, size and where to buy. It is not that exciting but just keep on reading;  the excitement belongs to her!

  • Why are men turning to Internet for help?
    Diamond engagement rings are a tricky business to get involved in. It is not something you do every week or even every year, hopefully only once, right?
    Since the advent of the world wide web, information such as “How to buy a diamond?” is much easier to get access to and recently men have been driven to search the Internet for guidance in buying diamonds, gemstones and diamond jewelry.
    Even small to medium sized stones cost thousands of dollars, so the Internet is the best place for men to start in their search for quality buyers guides.
    The Internet offers convenient information much like a huge personal library that takes milliseconds to search.  The trouble is the library is too big and too fragmented.
    Even so, although we do not like to blow own bugle, you are reading this article so you have already narrowed down your search because you have just found all the information needed for you to turn an important decision into right decision.
    OK So far?
    You will be so glad to have seen her smiling face when you present the diamond ring of her dreams that you will treasure it for the rest your life! And, hopefully come back and tell us all about it!
  • Why Buy a Diamond Online?
    Buying from online diamonds stores is in our opinion the best way to achieve your goal of presenting the finest engagement ring to your loved one with a minimum of fuss and with maximum value for your money.
    However, we realize that examining the article up close at a local jewelry store is the preferred option for a lot of men and you will also learn the best way to go about it and how to avoid trouble along the way.
    For those men worried about online rip offs and fraud, fear not read this article!
    thankfully everything has been thought of and explored on your behalf, all you have got to do is relax and read on or tell us where went wrong.
  • Am I going to get her involved?
    Perhaps the hardest part of the engagement process is the proposal.  What happens if she says, “No”? At this point returning the engagement ring will be the last thing on your mind, you are more likely to be thinking “Where I go wrong?”
    Do not fall into the trap of thinking that “it is really expensive she is sure to say yes!”  More and more modern couples are casting off outmoded Victorian ideas and discussing marriage well before the proposal stage. Not that old fashioned romanticism is dead, far from it, but it is surely safer in the long run if you know each others expectations beforehand?
    If she is involved right from the start a lot of emotional stress will be lifted because she will get the ring her dreams and you will get the peace of mind that you want.
  • Surprising her is the more challenging and/or romantic option!
    If you are genuinely planning to surprise her on bent knee then you have definitely chosen the hard way although it is the more noble ways to propose it’s certainly the more hazardous approach, especially if she says no.
    But you are confident she will not say no right?

    We wish you all the luck in the world except in the diamond engagement ring department!


    You will not need luck with choosing the right ring because you are already heading in the right direction to narrowing the options and making the perfect choice.
    Of course if it all goes the way of the dead donkey then you need to know your options.
  • What is my budget?
    Setting your budget is going to be one of your first concerns. Some jewelers will tell you that an approximation of two to three months salary is the norm for a diamond engagement ring.
    We do not agree or disagree with this method as ultimately it is up to you.  The real dilemma you are going to face is whether you think you have spent enough to show her she is worth it and that is another good reason why we advise that you get her involved at the start.
    The illusion of thinking that your love bond grows stronger with the more you spend should be avoided at all costs (no pun intended). Your target is mutual happiness with no strings attached, or put bluntly if you make her happy, you will be happy no matter how much or little you spend.  There is no hard and fast rule for making the right choice.
    Ultimately, common sense will have to come into the equation at some point.  For instance, are you prepared to take out a large loan that could take years to pay off? Are you thinking of marrying as soon as possible and will you need to conserve finances for the wedding and honeymoon? Are you planning to have children? Are there existing financial matters to consider?
    If you you do not have financial concerns then hey that is great!  But most men will need to exercise some caution at least.
    Setting a realistic budget is going to be your main concern and then keeping with that budget is going to present its own set of challenges in return.

    It is not easy, is it?

    A half decent sized round brilliant diamond set into an engagement ring is going to cost you around $3,000 to $5,000 (Ouch!) when bought online, although there are more affordable options discussed on our online store:
  • Why do I need tutorials on buying a diamond?
    If you are not going to learn all you can about buying diamonds and the pitfalls that are associated then you may as well go and buy one of the first stones you see and hope for the best.  The worst case scenario is that you might end up with a fake diamond and a bright red face.  How will you explain it to your fiancee?


    A little time spent now will mean encountering less stress later.  The very least you can do is to print out the two vital diamond tutorials outlined below and then to take a complete tour of the extensive guide to loose diamonds.  Each step you take is a step nearer to your goal.
    Becoming an expert diamonds and gemstones appraiser takes years to master, but becoming an expert in narrowing down the options to making the perfect choice is only a matter of following the guides and tutorials contained on this site, The Jewelry Hut.
    We highly recommend that you bookmark this site right away so that you can return to it when needed, it could take a few sessions to understand the detailed information that us on offer.  Hold down your CRTL button and simultaneously press D.
    By visiting the
    diamond jewelry dictionary a new new window will open and you will be presented with and alphabetically sorted page reference library devoted to precious metals, gemstones, and diamonds. You should print it out and refer to it when you come across a term that you do not understand.
    diamond learning center show a brilliant round cut diamond and is clearly labeled showing the facets and proportions of a round cut stone.  Again, if you print this out you will have a mini reference that you can refer to time and time again.
    Each article you will view on this site can be used to verify a question that does not seem to have been answered in text of an article.

Summary and Conclusion

Here is a quick summary of everything of value so far.

  1. The Internet is the best place to become educated and an expert in narrowing down the options to making the right choice to purchase a diamond engagement ring.
  2. Buying online could save you a packet and significantly decrease your buying risks although we can still point you in the right direction when buying offline.
  3. Get her involved right from the start and you will be doing yourself a big favor.  It does not mean that you should all give up on the surprise option, by all means get romantic, you could come up smelling of roses!
  4. Getting a basic understanding of jewelry and gemstones will open your options and protect you from costly mistakes when buying a diamond engagement ring.
  5. Set your budget and then stay with it.

What is next?

Buying the perfect diamond engagement ring usually involves buying a loose diamond that can be set into an engagement ring shank. Of course, there are many ready made diamond engagement rings on the market but you will still need to know about the quality of the stones set in the construction of such rings.

Because diamond is usually the most expensive part of the ring the best thing to do is to begin the guide for buying loose diamonds.  Following each set of pages in the order that they are presented will give you the most efficient use of this site and the best possible education for buying diamonds and diamond engagement rings.

We sell jewelry, so please ask us any questions regarding any jewelry featured on this site. We are here to help you make the right choice when buying a diamond and an engagement ring. We will also welcome any feedback you have about our online diamond jewelry store.

Customer Satisfaction is of paramount important to The Jewelry Hut.

Buy with confidence at The Jewelry Hut.


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Bijan Aziz is the owner and Web Master for The Jewelry Hut.

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