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Understanding Diamond Value
The Rules of Buying A Diamond - A Consumer Guide






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A Consumer Guide to Diamond Value
How to get your money’s worth when buying your diamond “piece of forever.”.

The Added Factors

The bottom line of a diamond purchase will often look a little different than the sticker price you initially matched to your budget.  With jewelry, they can add up quickly. Which “below the line diamond jewelry items are of value to you?”
Diamond Lab reports, sometimes called dossiers, documents, and most often “Certs.” (Certificates) contain data ascertained by professionals Gemologists who examined the diamond in unbiased circumstances at the behest of the diamond cutter, diamond manufacturer, diamond dealer, or diamond jeweler who sent it to that laboratory for grading and testing. Some larger jewelers, acting on their gemological training or in concert with such a lab, are able to create trustworthy reports within their operations.
Much of the jewelry trade does not bother with lab reports smaller than a half carat.  As diamonds become more costly, well cut diamonds as small as 0.25 carat are getting certified. It is strongly recommended that you do not buy any diamonds, without a certificate, half a carat and larger.
Diamond reports once pertained all but exclusively to the 4 C’s. most focused heavily on the first three: Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.  Changes in the art technology of diamond cutting and the sciences of gem creation and alteration have changed that. As diamond cutters created modifications of existing cuts, or even their own patented shapes, the diamond industry began to focus heavily on the fourth C, the Cut, with most labs following suit.
You will often see a price premium for certified diamonds with certain grades (different at each lab), diamond industry wide terms such as ideal, hearts and arrows, brand names, and terms such as signature, private label, or even the jeweler’s private collection, attesting to their superior cut.
Most diamond reports now also indicate whether a diamond has been modified, or created outright, in lab. Regardless of your budget, for value’s sake, pay a very close attention to such aspects of the report or diamond certificate, and do exhaustive homework before purchasing such a stone. They may well be beautiful diamonds. As anyone familiar with the trends of technology pricing will understand, however, they may equally well not keep the same appraisal value as a natural diamond.
Diamond certificate reports are all but essential for anyone seeking appraisal and insurance for a diamond or diamond jewelry. Some jewelers, particularly if they happen to be certified appraisers, include appraisal price.  An increasing number of jewelers are also working with insurers and credit agencies, enabling both parties to close a sale, though insurance for gemstones is still largely done through one’s homeowner or renter’s policy. If so, read the fine print; some insurers limit value, or increase deductibles, for jewelry line items. You will almost certainly need both a lab and appraiser’s report for any form of insurance.  It is strongly recommended submitting any diamond purchased online to an independent appraiser.

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