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Understanding Diamond Value
The Rules of Buying A Diamond - A Consumer Guide






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Nothing more personal than our response to color.  Color is the new language of passion, and nothing captures it better than distinctively styled jewelry.
Leave her speechless with our brilliant colorless and fancy colored diamond or bold brilliant gemstone jewelry styles.

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A Consumer Guide to Diamond Value
How to get your money’s worth when buying your diamond “piece of forever.”.

A Rose is a Rose?

Partly Partly owing to science, partly to high cost of diamond, you will or may already have encountered en ever widening range of alternative diamonds: We are not discussing CZ, Moissanite or any other simulant or similar gemstone here, but true diamond with colors or clarity enhanced in laboratory, still others created in a lab.
All will less costly than the card carrying diamonds they appear (more or less) to be the same as, or have even been measured to have characteristics of. Many will come with reports, and while most labs take pains to identify and signify exactly which diamond you are dealing with, not all, however, will be identified as such by their vendors. Many of these diamonds are beautiful and of good value. they simply do and should cost less. It is crucial you be able to trust your jeweler.
Clarity enhanced diamonds have been on the market since early 1990s. Most typically resulting in a diamond that will grade a degree higher; from SI2 to SI1, or SI1 to VS2. Call it the gemologist’s botox.  Less typical are “laser drilled” diamonds, where darker inclusions were largely removed.  Both are entirely safe and easily detectible by trained gemologist.
Diamond color can be enhanced, or even changed.  “HPHT enhanced” diamonds have been subject to high pressure and high temperature treatments in which they were formed, thus correcting them.  Originally, most commercial HPHT treatments removed the yellow (or, more typically, brown) tints from the white diamonds, to make them more white. later, HPHT, as well as radiation, was found to make a certain class of diamonds appear more yellow, orange, pink, or blue in appearance.
More recently, HPHT is used simply to create a diamond from scratch, or from a tiny diamond seed, concentrating graphite onto that seed under intense heat and pressure to create a synthetic, lab created or cultured diamond.  A very different process, know as CVD, is now creating diamond from seed as well. Both processes have led largely to yellow, orange, pink, blue, and red diamond, with neither succeeding in creating white diamonds at any significant savings.  These fancy color diamond newcomers can be beautiful at a fraction of the price. Whether that price will hold as technologies grow is anyone’s guess. The value they may currently represent, therefore, may be temporary.

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