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Understanding Diamond Value
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Nothing more personal than our response to color.  Color is the new language of passion, and nothing captures it better than distinctively styled jewelry.
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A Consumer Guide to Diamond Value
How to get your money’s worth when buying your diamond “piece of forever.”.

Shaping Up

The round brilliant diamond was the ubiquitous 20th century diamond, owing to discoveries and innovations early in the century.  With advanced cutting techniques, increasing scarcity of the rough diamonds needed to cut round diamonds, price pressures, and changing fashions, long neglected other shapes known as fancy cuts diamonds are gaining prominence.
While you may be shopping for a round brilliant diamond, let your eye come to rest on a fancy shaped diamond.  Many shapes have tremendous charm and typically, cost less than round diamonds of the same weight. The most common, most likely to have semi-mounts rings created for them, are the square shapes. Princess and radiant shapes diamond (which are more often slightly rectangular) have brilliant pavilions; that resembling or cross-hatching you will see on round diamonds, and will behave and can be judged in a roughly similar way.
Emerald, baguettes cut diamonds, and other “step cuts” do not have brilliant pavilions, and will perform differently.  Particularly with emerald shape diamonds, look for less scintillation, larger flashes of brilliance and a bit of fire.  Their tables are prominent and uncomplicated by extensive pavilion faceting, so you will see body color and clarity more clearly. You will see prices moving faster up the clarity and color scales.  Emerald cut diamonds look bigger per carat.
Another group of square shape fancy diamonds have some brilliant.  The Asscher shape diamond has a deeper step-cut pavilion that is divided into sub-steps of three or four diagonals, and is a very beautiful shape.  The cushion cut diamond is fiery and scintillating. Other shapes include oval shape diamonds and variants thereof, including the marquise shape, pear shape, heart shape, and the less common exquisite briolette.  They are extremely brilliant diamonds, at times with great fires, though less often with the scintillation of other groups.

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