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Bracelets are lower in consumerís demand than rings and necklaces, bracelets nevertheless are a vital category because of their easy gift giving and self-purchase status.  No need to worry about size, and the choice of material, design and price point is vast.  A well designed bracelet is the kind of jewelry that can be worn with any types of outfit at any time of day.
This year, the most popular are: the stackable bangle bracelets, often shown in sets of three contrasting colors of gold or diamonds; mesh bracelets dotted with pearls or diamonds that conform to the shape of the wrist; and wider cuff styles of textured gold or sterling silver with engraved details. Showing marked growth in popularity are modern unisex styles made in a mix of materials that includes traditional gold, silver and diamonds as well as industrial elements such as titanium, steel, leather, and ceramic.    Jewelry makers of menís bracelets say a healthy portion of their sales go to women who like the casual elegance of the designs. One notable trend that continues to resonate is customized bracelets.  This includes charm bracelets that can be embellished with new additions throughout the year as well as add-on designs where the owner creates her own unique look by adding a link at a time.

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Fancy Classic Designer Antique Retro. Style Genuine Turquoise, Carnalian, and Jasper Semi-Precious gemstones set on 925 Sterling Silver Bracelets

Fancy Designer Antique Recreated Vintage Style Clear Colored Cubic Zirconia Set on 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Classic Fancy Designer European Antique Retro. Style Blue Sapphire and Cabochon Lapis Set on 925 Sterling Silver 14 KT Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet

Classic Fancy Designer European Antique Retro. Style Diamonds, The Most Precious of The Gems and the Birth Gemstone for Month of April, Set on 14 KT White Gold Bangle Bracelet

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Create your own Unique Sterling Silver Bracelet
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Design your own Bracelet with The Jewelry Hut Kera Collection of Beads in Sterling Silver

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