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The Jewelry Hut is the best wholesale diamond store online.  The Jewelry Hut offers the largest collection of world’s finest cut diamonds, Oval Cut, Princess Cut, Round Cut, Emerald Cut, and many other Traditional diamonds cuts.

All of The Jewelry Hut loose diamonds cuts are hand selected with care by our diamond experts. Each of The Jewelry Hut Diamonds are sold with integrity, exceptional Quality, Cut, Color, Clarity, and Price. Diamond Pricing is based on a standard grading scale.  All The Jewelry Hut loose diamonds are accompanied by an independent diamond grading report from GIA or another well known industry diamond grading Lab (such as AGS, HRD, EGL, and IGI). Because, The Jewelry Hut does not have the expenses of a traditional retail store, we are able to give our valued clients the lowest affordable prices on all of our loose diamonds.

Diamond education is a top priority at The Jewelry Hut.  Please visit our diamond education guide to assist you in understanding and learning about the different diamond varieties commonly sold, and how to differentiate between diamond cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Please visit The Jewelry Hut Diamond Learning center.

Please click on the images below for the link to the Diamond Learning Center.  Please feel free to use our advanced diamond search, to receive an update on our diamond inventory list via E-mail by clicking the link shown below. 

The Jewelry Hut offers a partial list of loose diamonds and handmade, original diamond engagement rings and diamond rings for men and women.

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Fancy Color Diamonds at The Jewelry Hut



Natural Color Diamonds
Miracles of Nature

Fancy Color Diamonds at The Jewelry Hut

Billions of years ago, deep in the earth, natural color diamonds were formed.  These breathtaking, wondrous stones were subject to such incredible heat and pressure, it’s amazing they found their way to the earth’s surface so intact and uniquely beautiful.

Natural color diamonds are renowned for their incomparable brilliance and broad palette of colors, including pinks, champagnes, cognacs, yellows, greens, and blues in an almost limitless variety of shades.  The presence of color in these diamonds is an entirely natural process, ensuring that every stone is one-of-a-kind.
Natural color diamonds are a unique, contemporary fashion twist on the standard white diamond.  They exude an unmistakenable warmth, beauty and sophistication; making them an ideal way for a woman to express her own unique personality.

  • Naturally Rare, Uncommonly Beautiful
    The Physical conditions necessary to color a diamond naturally occur very scarcely, making natural color diamonds extremely rare.  How rare? For every natural color diamond, there are 10,000 colorless ones.
    The formation of natural color diamonds is a process that requires the presence of trace elements as well as distortions to the typical diamond crystal.  If an element interacts with carbon atoms during diamond creation, the diamond’s color can change.  Radiation and pressure on a diamond’s structure can impact its color as well.
    The presence of nitrogen can impart yellow or orange shades to a diamond, while boron colors it blue and hydrogen produces unique violet hues.
    Tremendous pressure exerted on a diamond deep in the earth can compress its structure, creating a red, pink, purple or brown stone.
    Natural radiation over millions of years generates green and blue diamonds ranging from aqua to teal.
  • Guidelines for Buying Natural Color Diamonds
     Diamonds are bought on the basis of the 4 Cs:  Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color.  But the value of the natural color diamond usually depends on the rarity of its color than on any of the other 3 Cs, including carat weight.  This is because some colors occur in a wide range of sizes and shapes,  while others are rare even in the smallest sizes.
    Since natural color diamonds come in such a wide range of colors and no two are identical, it is difficult to develop a grading system that can capture the special character of each individual stone.  Experts at both the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) have three parameters by which they describe color for these exquisite diamonds:
    1. Hue
    Hue refers to the dominant color of the stone, such as pink, blue, or yellow.  There can also be modifiers, or tints, which imparts more one color to a stone. For instance, a purplish-pink diamond indicates a stone with a principal pink hue and a slight purple tint.  If no modifiers or tints exist in a stone, then the hue is said to be pure.
    2. Tone
    Tone refers to how much lightness or darkness a stone appears to retain.  Tones can range from light to dark.
    3. Saturation
    Saturation describes the strength  and intensity of the hue.  The saturation of light diamonds can vary from pastel to vivid to intense.  Dark diamonds can range in saturation from dark to deep.
  • Sunshine in a Stone
    Yellow diamonds are cherished for their subtly dramatic appeal.  The glow of a yellow stone illuminates a woman with an aura, no matter which shades she chooses.
    1. Origin
    Light to vivid yellow diamonds are found in different countries, but most large and intense yellow have been discovered in South Africa.
    2. Fast Fact
    The first diamond ever to be authenticated in Africa was the Eureka, a pale yellow stone weighing 10.7 carats. It was discovered in 1866 by the child of a Boar farmer, in a small hole probably made by a Bushman digging for roots.
  • Earthy Beauty
    From subtle champagnes to rich cognacs, brown diamonds are the new classic.  Their golden tones make them a softer, gentler alternative to the colorless diamond; and their natural color makes the perfect choice for timeless jewelry with a contemporary feel.
    1. Origin
    Champagnes and cognac diamonds are found throughout southern Africa, Siberia and Australia, where the Argyle Diamond Mine is the world’s largest producer of these stones.
    2. Fast Fact
    About $5 billion of champagne and cognac diamond jewelry is sold annually throughout the world, easily making these stones the most accessible of all natural color diamonds.
  • Red-Hot Pink
    Fashion forward and beguiling, pink diamonds are considered the treasure of treasures. A pink diamond is the ultimate symbol of love, grace and femininity.
    1. Origin
    Pink diamonds have only been found in a few mines around the world.  India, Brazil and Tanzania all produced notable pink diamonds in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Today, the Argyle mine in northwestern Australia is the only mine in the world to produce a consistent volume of pink diamonds.
    2. Fast Fact
    A whole year of Argyle’s intense pink diamond production can be held in the palm of one hand.  Once a year, Argyle issues a special release of its finest pink diamonds to an exclusive clientele.  These stones are so rare, Argyle must produce 1 million carats of rough diamonds to come up with one carat suitable for sale in this special Tender.
  • Glamorous Blue
    The powerful color of the sea and the sky meet in these exceptional gems.  Blue diamonds are considered extremely rare, and each shade is exquisite.
    1. Origin
    The Cullinan mine near Pretoria is the world’s only notable blue diamond producing mine.
    2. Fast Fact
    The most famous diamond in the world is probably the Hope diamond, an extraordinary deep blue stone of 45.52 carats. It was brought from India to Europe in the 17th century, and sold to King Louis XIV of France. Due to a string of misfortunes surfaced by its subsequent owners, the Hope Diamond became a legendary symbol of bad luck. It is now part of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Gem Collection.

Diamond Education
A Summary of Basic Diamond 4 C's
Diamond Education
A Full detailed of Basic Diamond 4 C's
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The Jewelry Hut

The 5th C:
Diamond Certification

Fancy Color Diamond

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Conflict Free Diamonds

The lure of diamonds as an ideal repository of illicit wealth for the unscrupulous has lead to wars that have raged in many diamond producing countries of the world, resulting in massive level of human suffering.

While diamond mines themselves are fought over, it is the gems which often become the cause of, and the fuel for, wars because they are such high value commodities which were, until now, easily smuggled and traded into legitimate diamond market.

The Jewelry Hut Philosophy

We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.

The Jewelry Hut wholeheartedly endorses every legitimate initiative to eradicate the disgraceful trade in conflict diamonds.  We, at The Jewelry Hut, guarantee that our diamonds are “conflict free” by purchasing our diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolution and diamond trade laws, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our diamond suppliers.  After all, not only do conflict diamonds wreak untold misery upon innocent and defenseless people (and all ethical diamond jewelers need to make a stand against this) but we recognize that our valued customers need the assurance that the diamond they are buying; a symbol of their love for another person, is a legitimate, genuine, conflict free gem.

For more information:  Please visit The Jewelry Hut Diamond Gallery for Conflict Free Diamonds.

The Birth Gem Stone for Each Month
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Garnet is The Birth Gem Stone for January
Amethyst is The Birth Gem Stone for February
Aquamarine is The Birth Gem Stone for March
Diamond is The Birth Gem Stone for April
Emerald is The Birth Gem Stone for May
Pearl is The Birth Gem Stone for June

Ruby is The Birth Gem Stone for July
Peridot is The Birth Gem Stone for August
Sapphire is The Birth Gem Stone for September
Opal is The Birth Gem Stone for October
Citrine is The Birth Gem Stone for November
Blue Topaz is The Birth Gem Stone for December

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