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The Jewelry Hut Diamond Gallery

Welcome to The Jewelry Hut Diamond Buying Guide

The Jewelry Hut, the best source of online wholesale diamond store, with the wholesale touchThe Jewelry Hut offers the largest collection of world’s finest cut diamonds, Cushion Cut, Asscher Cut, Marquise Cut, Princess Cut, Round Cut, Pear Cut, Emerald Cut, Oval Cut, and many other traditional diamond cuts.  All of The Jewelry Hut loose diamonds are hand selected by our diamond experts with care and sold with integrity for exceptional Quality, Cut, Color, Clarity, and Price. Diamond pricing is  based on a standard grading scale. All The Jewelry Hut loose diamonds are accompanied by an independent diamond grading report from GIA or another well known industry diamond grading Lab, such as AGS, HRD, EGL, and IGI.  Because, The Jewelry Hut does not have the expenses of a traditional retail store, we are able to pass on to our valued customers the lowest affordable prices on all of our loose diamonds.

Diamond education is a top priority at The Jewelry Hut.  The Jewelry Hut provides the following diamond buying guide to assist you in understanding and learning about different diamond varieties commonly sold, and how to differentiate between diamond cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Diamond Education

A diamond Grading Report is a complete evaluation of a diamond and includes information on the diamond’s 4 Cs

The 5th C, The Jewelry Hut Confidence. The Jewelry Hut Has trustworthy professional jewelers who establish personal relationship with our valued customers and take pride in finding quality diamond for you.  These expert are knowledgeable and accessible and are able to explain any questions you may have and provide you with The Jewelry Hut 5th “C”, Confidence. When you, our valued customer, purchase a diamond from The Jewelry Hut, you can be confident you are getting what you are paying for.

A diamond grading report includes a diagram, or Map, with the diamond’s inclusions.  Since each diamond is unique, then this diagram, similar to a fingerprint, helps to identify that particular diamond.  A diamond can then be compared to its certificate by examining it under a 10X power loupe or microscope.

Please make a note that a diamond grading report is not an appraisal, which estimates the monetary value of a particular diamond.  It is simply an impartial, informed opinion made by an experienced diamond Gemologist.

Diamond education is a top priority at The Jewelry Hut.  We have prepared a diamond education guidelines to assist you understand all the different varieties of diamonds available in market place, and how to differentiate diamond qualities.  So, please take your time and study these guide lines in our “Diamond Learning Center”.  Please click on the link below to enter our Diamond Learning Center.

The Jewelry Hut offers a partial list of loose diamonds and original diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings for men and women.

The Jewelry Hut Loose Diamonds
The Jewelry Hut Diamond Engagement Rings
The Jewelry Hut Diamond Wedding Rings

Conflict Free Diamonds

The lure of diamonds as an ideal repository of illicit wealth for the unscrupulous has lead to wars that have raged in many diamond producing countries of the world, resulting in massive level of human suffering.

While diamond mines themselves are fought over, it is the gems which often become the cause of, and the fuel for, wars because they are such high value commodities which were, until now, easily smuggled and traded into legitimate diamond market.

The Jewelry Hut Philosophy

We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.

The Jewelry Hut wholeheartedly endorses every legitimate initiative to eradicate the disgraceful trade in conflict diamonds.  We, at The Jewelry Hut, guarantee that our diamonds are “conflict free” by purchasing our diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolution and diamond trade laws, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our diamond suppliers.  After all, not only do conflict diamonds wreak untold misery upon innocent and defenseless people (and all ethical diamond jewelers need to make a stand against this) but we recognize that our valued customers need the assurance that the diamond they are buying; a symbol of their love for another person, is a legitimate, genuine, conflict free gem.

For more information:  Please visit The Jewelry Hut Diamond Gallery for Conflict Free Diamonds.

The Diamond Learning Center

Diamond Education
A Summary of Basic Diamond 4 C's

The 5th C:
Diamond Certification

Fancy Color Diamond

For a partial listing of The Jewelry Hut exclusive diamond inventory, please click the link shown below. At this time we are only able to show this list.  You can also use our advanced diamond search by clicking the link shown below.  Please contact us if you have any questions “Contact Us

Diamond List

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To learn more about diamonds, you may also visit our partner link at the “Diamond Tutorial”.

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