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The Jewelry Hut Diamond Learning Center

Pear Shaped Diamond

A pear shaped is very popular in larger sizes, usually 0.75 carats and higher. The pear shaped diamond is more brilliant at the top where it is rounded but loses brilliance as the diamond tapers to the tip at the bottom.  The length to width ratio is very important when considering a pear shaped diamond.

Crown Length: 34- 36 degrees
Table Percentage:  52% - 62%
Length to Width Ration 1.50 - 1.75 to 1.0
Total Depth Percentage: 62% - 68%

Emerald Shaped Diamond

The emerald shaped diamond is the least brilliant of all the fancy shapes. The emerald cut has only 50 facets, and it is cut in a rectangular shape.  Nearly all the white light that enters the stone leaks out of the bottom. You should pay particular attention to the length to width ratio and total depth.

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Crown Length: 34- 36 degrees
Table Percentage:  55% - 72%
Length to Width Ration 1.40 - 1.60 to 1.0
Total Depth Percentage: 64% - 74%

Radiant Shape Diamond

Perhaps you might consider a radiant cut diamond instead of an emerald cut diamond.  You get the best of both worlds high brilliance in a rectangular shape, with this stone. The idea was to cut an elegant shape of the emerald cut diamond but increase the fire and brilliance by additional facets. Look for the proper length to width ratio, the radiant should have a shape similar to emerald cut.

Crown Length: 34- 36 degrees
Table Percentage:  60% - 70%
Length to Width Ration 1.20 - 1.40 to 1.0
Total Depth Percentage: 64% - 71%

Princess Shaped Diamond

The princess cut diamond was designed  as square shaped that could match the brilliance of the radiant cut diamond. The square shape was selected so that multiple stones could be placed together without any gaps.  This diamond cut has become so popular, that larger size stones are now selected for engagement rings.

Crown Length: 34- 36 degrees
Table Percentage:  60% - 70%
Length to Width Ration 1.20 - 1.40 to 1.0
Total Depth Percentage: 64% - 71%

The Diamond 4 Cs

C) Diamond Clarity
Clarity in a diamond refers to the internal and external inclusions located on or within the diamond.  Below is a description of various clarity ratings, and showing the location and type of inclusions that is expected to be seen for each of the clarity grades. These plot shown below are only samples, the location and combination of inclusions in each diamond vary.  Each diamond is unique.

In each diamond plot, a color Red is to show inclusions that are located within the diamond and Green to show inclusions or blemishes that break the surface of a diamond is used.

Flawless, FL - Internally Flawless, IF

A Flawless diamond is one without internal or external inclusions visible under 10X power microscope.
An Internally Flawless diamond is one that does not have any internally inclusions, but will have a surface scratch or blemish.

Flawless, FL

Internally Flawless, IF

Very, Very Small Inclusions, VVS1 - VVS2

These diamonds contain inclusions that are extremely difficult to see with a 10X power microscope. Sometimes, the assistance of an expert jewelers is needed to locate this type of inclusion. The number of inclusions is limited to one or two small pin points.  When the inclusion is located near the edge of a diamond, it is rated VVS1. When it is located in the center of a diamond, it is created VVS2.



Very Small Inclusions, VS1 - VS2

These inclusions, in a diamond, are difficult to see with a 10X power microscope.  It takes a few seconds to locate the inclusions under a the microscope the first time.  There are a few number of inclusion in a diamond rated VS Clarity.  The difference between VS1 and VS2 graded diamond is either the number of inclusions, VS2 having more inclusions than VS1, or the location. The inclusions that are in or around the center of a diamond, and off the side of a diamond are rated as VS2.




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