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  • How Do I Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring?
    To find the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring can be a challenging process for any man or woman planning their engagement.  Traditionally, the man would choose a ring and present it to his new bride. But, it is increasingly common for the future Bride and Groom to shop together and select their ring, today.

          Browse online, select and buy together The Jewelry Hut Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring.

    No matter how you proceed with choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring, we, The Jewelry Hut, are offering to you and your bride a brief lesson in educating you to find that perfect Engagement Ring.  Take your time to review and learn The Jewelry Hut Guide to buy and Engagement Ring and browse The Jewelry Hut Diamond Engagement Rings Collection.

    The Jewelry Hut Fancy Diamond Engagement Rings

  • What Should I Choose?  Round Shape or Princess Shape Diamond?
    Today, Round Shape Diamonds are the most popular choice for Engagement Rings.  The Princess Shape Diamonds are the second most popular choice for engagement rings. The face-up shape of the princess cut diamond is either square or rectangular. The profile or the side-on shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.  The Princess Cut Diamonds are relatively a new diamond cut and having been created in the 1960s.  Princess Shape Diamond has gained in popularity in recent years as a more distinctive alternative choice to the more popular Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. The top of the round cut diamond is called the crown and is a cut with a round face-up shape and the bottom is called the pavilion, is shaped similar to a cone.

             The Princess Shape Diamond has become more popular in recent years as a more distinctive
             alternative to the most popular, the round shape diamond.

    A Princess Cut Diamond with the same width as the diameter of a round cut diamond will weight more as it has four corners which would otherwise have been cut off and rounded to form a round brilliant diamond. Recently, The Princess Shape diamond is sometimes referred to as a “square modified brilliant”. Princess Shape Diamonds have become very popular, however the Round Shape Diamond is more widely viewed as the traditional diamond cut and also one that is timeless.

    The Jewelry Hut Fancy Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring or Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Diamond Size or Diamond Quality?
    Today, most couples, who are planning o become engaged, emphasize more attention to size of the diamond and do not emphasize enough attention to the quality of diamond.

             Search and find that “perfect” stone, the diamond that has not only the best color and clarity
             but also is close to the ideal size that you and your fiancee desire.

    The core value of a stone comes not from the diamond’s size but from its color and clarity.  Once you have educate yourself about the diamond quality, you will need to make a compromise and find a a middle ground within your budget.

    The Jewelry Hut GIA Certified Loose Diamonds

  • Platinum or Gold?
    Having difficulty deciding between white gold or platinum? Both metals are frequently used in engagement rings. Both Gold or platinum are durable and will withstand years of wear and tear.

             Both Platinum and Gold are commonly used in engagement rings, however, Platinum rings
             a heavier and more durable.

    Considering the prices of gold, White gold does the same job as platinum.  Platinum is a heavier metal and more durable. many people decide to spend a little more to get their ring in platinum. This is a personal preference as both metals, gold or platinum, look absolutely brilliant with The Jewelry Hut Engagement Ring designs.

    The Jewelry Hut Gold or Platinum

  • Why The Jewelry Hut?
    The Jewelry Hut is the online best seller of Fine Bridal Diamond and Gemstone Bridal Rings.  At The Jewelry Hut, we have the understanding of the emotional and sentimental values that comes with the process of finding the perfect Diamond Ring.

             We, at The Jewelry Hut have searched the world to find the best selection of a unique style
             and design in diamond engagement rings that each carries a certain elegance which is
             hard to put in words.  It is simply breathtaking when you view or hold a diamond engagement
             ring from The Jewelry Hut.

             We, The Jewelry Hut, have searched the world for these Fancy Designer Diamond Engagement Rings with the quality of craftsmanship that comes with every one of The Jewelry Hut Diamond Engagement Ring that is ummatched.

    The Jewelry Hut Fancy Diamond Engagement Ring

    The Jewelry Hut offers Diamond Engagement Rings in 14 KT Gold, 18 KT Gold, and Platinum and takes prides in selecting the highest quality of diamonds. There is a certain unique approach that goes with designing and manufacturing  an Engagement Ring and selected with care by The Jewelry Hut, sold with integrity. This is not just any diamond ring, This is “The” “Engagement Ring”.
  • How much one should spend on an Engagement Ring?
    This topic has been debated for many years and there are many different answers. For all of you men who are planning of popping the question, you surely have heard about the old tradition that you will may spend two months salary on a diamond engagement ring.
    This question falls precisely at that point where your spending budget decision meet psychology and emotion. Whatever it is that you decide to spend on an diamond engagement ring.
             The Jewelry Hut offers the most unique designs and best craftsmanship engagement rings
             at affordable prices.
  • How to discover her ring size?
    You can get her actual ring size by swiping one her current rings, one from her jewelry box. Ask her mother, sister, or friend to help you with finding her ring size. Make sure whoever helping you with it, will keep your plans secret.
    Ring sizer is one of the tools that you can use to find the circumference of your her finger.


    The Jewelry Hut Ring Sziing Tool Guide

  • Surprised or Planned Proposal?
    Most future Grooms prefer to tailor the wedding proposal as much as possible.  Whether it is a place the couple met or on a date of a significant event in their relationship. For those Brides and Brooms who adore a surprise, a proposal carefully planned in that manner can be specially sentimental. It may require a little extra planning, but the results will likely be well worth it. You want her to remember the day of your wedding proposal for rest of her life, and with a combination of surprise factor along with the perfect Engagement Ring, you are sure to accomplish just that.  One of the most popular idea or place for proposal is made during a romantic vacation.

    The Jewelry Hut Wedding Proposal with  Diamond Engagement Ring

    You Have found the woman who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Everything she does makes you happy, and of course, you make her happy. When it come to your future, she is a big part of it.

             This is why you ready to offer her your heart, soul, and a gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring.

    Make it all about Her!
    The number one mistake that most men make when they propose to their sweethearts? They do not make it all about her her! Sure, she may think that a wedding proposal will be romantic no matter what; but if you really want to take her breath away and swipe her off her feet, then you need to tailor the wedding proposal to her tastes, interests, and passion.  Does she love adventure travel? Then, propose to to her while you are bungee-jumping!!!  Is she passionate about cooking?  Cook her a sumptuous feast and place the Engagement Ring on top of her desert.  tailoring the wedding proposal to your future bride’s tastes and interests shows her that you have always been attentive to her interests.  You will be for the rest your lives together.
    It about you Too! Of course, he day of your wedding proposal should fit your taste and personality as well.  For example, if you have donned a suit in your life, then do not whisk her away to a fancy restaurant to propose to her! She will suspect something.  Similarly, you are a formal kind of guy, then by all means, have a formal kind of wedding proposal.  The point is that your wedding proposal should be about you and her, your sweetheart, as a couple: your likes, dislikes, and those special moments that stand out for the both of you.
  • Choose the right ring.
    The cherry on top of your wedding proposal should always be a gorgeous and unique Diamond Engagement Ring. Like with the proposal, make sure that it fits the personality and taste of your future bride.  If she has traditional taste, then a diamond solitaire engagement ring makes a perfect choice.  Like to be pampered?  Then, a gorgeous fancy diamond engagement ring with side stones make the perfect choice to swipe your sweetheart off her feet.

No matter how you plan your wedding proposal, why not let The Jewelry Hut help you choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring and matching Wedding Band?  Browse through our carefully selected collection of Engagement Rings, at affordable prices, superior customer service from comfort of your home or desk.

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