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Fine Designer’s Children Jewelry By FuFoo





Capture The Heart of every little Girl!

Whether it is a gift for a precious new baby, the first very gift for a graduation, or a gift for a special occasion.  AT The Jewelry Hut Children Jewelry Gallery, you find unique and high quality jewelry for girls of all ages.

Capture every girl’s heart with an adorable designer 14 KT gold genuine color enamel, brilliant diamond, and precious color gemstones rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces from exclusive collection of Fufoo fine children jewelry at affordable prices.

The Jewelry Hut proudly introduce the finest designer’s children jewelry from one of the jewelry industry finest jewelry manufacturer,

“FuFoo, Fine Jewelry for Girls.”

Unique Fine quality jewelry for girls of all ages. Collections includes 14 KT gold jewelry that is handcrafted in Italy with brightly colored enamels and precious diamond; sophisticated, yet edgy line of precious white gold and fine diamond motifs that appeals to today’s teens and adults.  One of our FuFoo’s distinct features is the signature purse boxes, brightly designed, pink and white striped boxes with a unique, purse like opening mechanism which holds the jewelry. The jewelry gift boxes are designed to be all about girls.

These fine jewelry are specifically designed to capture the hearts of girls of all ages includes:

  • Wee Girls: Infant to 6 years old;
    A Girl’s First Jewelry!
    You will find a jewelry selection of cute and cuddly themes designed uniquely for the littlest of girls, from infancy to age six.  The Jewelry Hut offers Fufoo’s Wee Girls Collection in high quality, handcrafted 14 KT gold enameled jewelry.
    With adorable themes like: turtles and ladybugs. These unique jewelry gifts are perfect for all special occasions: from new baby to Babtism, baby naming to the marking of baby’s first birthday; and each precious year from age one to six.  The only thing as special as a piece children jewelry is the little girl who receives the jewelry gift.
    Each little girl’s eyes will light up when she open up her delicate jewelry gift box to find her charming, brightly colored necklace, bracelet (adjustable in size so that growing out of the piece is not an issue.), anklets (adjustable in size so that growing out of the piece is not an issue.), or earrings; bouncing baby bunnies, cheerful cherries, bubbly bumblebees. It is the perfect jewelry gift for every little girl who is just discovering the wonder of jewelry.
  • B’Teen Girls:  Girls 6 - 12;
    In Between is Beautiful!
    Here, you will find the perfect jewelry gift for girls in ages of six to twelve. The Jewelry Hut offers Fufoo’s hand crafted 14 KT gold champleve enamel jewelry collection for B’Tween Girls that includes the right jewelry motif for any girl, for any special occasion, a birthday, communion or confirmation.
    A jewelry gift that is both timeless and timely, The Jewelry Hut offers the best in quality jewelry themes that are dear to the hearts of girls in this age group. From ballet shoes to sail boats, soccer balls to smily faces and even jeans and tees.  Fufoo’s charming fine jewelry is the perfect jewelry gift for B’Tween girls to express who they are specially at this amazing crossing over point from childhood to adolescence.
    With the Fufoo’s new enhancer Charms, girl can clips the uniquely crafted, brightly painted charms on their favorite piece of jewelry; whether it is a charm bracelet, necklace or even pearls.  Enhancer charm themes are available in an array of gorgeous designs and colors.
    From the keepsake signature jewelry boxes to the moment she discovers the jewelry gift inside, each girl will feel she is been given a jewelry gift to treasure for a lifetime.
  • Teen & Me Collection:  Girls 12 and up;
    The Precious Diamond Collection: Any Girl’s Dream Come True!
    Diamonds, a girl’s first love! Uniquely tailored collection of highest quality diamonds set in white gold designed specifically for today’s sophisticated Teen Girls.  The Jewelry hut offers FuFoo’s gorgeous array of diamond pendants, necklaces, rings, and bracelet which will be the star of each and every girl’s jewelry wardrobes for years to come.
    The Precious Diamond Collection includes something for every Teen Girl’s tastes, talents, and interests. From cuddly dog bones to love-able hearts, to magical music notes for every teenage girl.
    Mark the special coming of age occasion, be a Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 or graduation with a Fufoo’s jewelry gift from the heart.  Each girl will be captivated from the second she open her signature pink and white striped purse jewelry gift box to each and every time she put on her jewelry gift of The Precious Diamond Collection and step out for the day.

The FuFoo’s collection is lovingly handcrafted in Italy, where champleve enameling has achieved the status of art form.  The collection has a jewelry gift to offer every girl:  from girl under 6, “Wee Girls,” to girls age  6 - 12, “B’tween Girls,” to girls over 12, “Teen Girls.”  The bracelets and anklets are adjustable in size, so girls are not grown out of them.  Fufoo’s Fine Jewelry for girls wear so well, that FuFoo offer a warranty on the entire collection against damage during normal wear for one year from the date of purchase.


The more special the ‘occasion’ is, the harder it becomes to find the perfect jewelry gift for your little girl. Here, you will find a few ideas to help you select the perfect jewelry gift for her for this special occasion.

Special Occasion Jewelry Gift Ideas for your Little Girls of all ages

  • Graduation
    The day has finally arrived. Her Graduation Day, the hard work, joy and excitement have all led up to this moment.  Whether she is graduating from Pre-School to Kindergarten, Elementary to Middle School, or High School to College, it is a milestone or special occasion she will not soon forget.
    A day hard earned deserves something that will last forever. What could be more endearing and cherished that the FuFoo’ Designer fine Children Jewelry Gift? Fine jewelry feathering adorable motifs adorned with precious gemstones or hand-crafted enamels will help mark her day as one to remember.  As your special princess passes from one stage to the next, she will always be thankful of the precious gift of FuFoo Fine Children jewelry to help commemorate her journey.

    Fufoo’s fine Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut is your key to Kindergarten graduation gifts to High School Graduation gifts that will capture her special occasion.
  • Communion
    Remember the your daughter’s first Holy Communion, walking down the aisle and adorned in a dress befitting a beautiful princess.
    Make your little princess’ first Communion an occasion she will not only remember for a lifetime, but will treasure every time she put on a signature jewelry gift such as a a pair of earrings, necklace, pendant, or bracelet from
    Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut.  Whether you choose an enchanting Gemstones or Enduring Enamels, each jewelry piece is lovingly designed to capture the magic and the love you feel for your precious little Girl.
  • Birthday
    Every little girl waits anticipation for the one magical day of the year where she is in the spotlight.  And, you struggle to find that perfect jewelry gift that will truly make her eyes light up she opens the jewelry gift box.  This year adorn her with the jewelry gift of Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut, Fine jewelry that will make this year’s birthday the one she remembers forever.
    On one day a year that is truly ‘All about her’, the jewelry gift of Enchanting Gemstones or Enduring Enamels will undoubtedly make your little girl princess feel like she is ‘one-of-a-kind’ Girl.  From the moment she peeks at the keepsake storybook box she will be bursting with excitement.  When she opens up her unique jewelry gift box to reveal the magic and splendor of one of these specially designed jewelry pieces, she will wish everyday were her Birthday.
    The Enchanting gemstones or Enduring Enamels Jewelry Collection at Children Jewelry Store are great jewelry gifts for 5 year old birthdays all the way to Sweet sixteen birthdays. Young girls of all ages will fall in love and appreciate their precious jewelry gift.
  • Bat Mitzvah
    Your little girl princess has grown up!  Her Bat Mitzvah has finally arrived and commemorates her coming age.  It is a day she will cherish for a lifetime. Why not give her the one jewelry gift that will not only stand out amongst all of the others, but will be the one Bat Mitzvah jewelry gift she will treasure forever.
    Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut is an exquisite line of classic children jewelry motifs, adorned with beautiful gemstones or hand crafted enamels.  It embodies both the innocence of youth and the passage into adulthood. your special princess will be glowing with delight as she opens her keepsake storybook box and unlocks the magic forever.
    Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut, truly a perfect jewelry gift for a Bar Mitzvah Celebration.
  • Christmas
    To your little girls, all across the country, Christmas is by far the most exciting time of the year, filled with joy and anticipation.  Every parent spends months looking for that ultimate present for their little princess, the one with the real ‘wow’ factor the one that will exceed her wildest expectations.
    This year, why not bring the magic of a unique gift of jewelry from
    Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut.  The thrill of the jewelry gift will exceed your little princess’ wildest dreams.  From the moment she takes a peek at the presents under the Christmas tree and shaking each gift box in hope of finding something truly special, and finally opens the keepsake storybook package to find the beautifully designed jewelry that lies inside, your little girl, your princess, Christmas wish will finally come true. Whether you choose an Enchanting Gemstone or Enduring Enamel jewelry piece, each special piece of this lovingly designed fine children jewelry is sure to make this year’s Christmas morning truly memorable.
  • Hanukkah
    Remember when you were young and aglow with delight just thinking of lighting another candle on the Menorah? The magical glow of each candle is rivaled only by the glow on your little princess’s face when she opens up the one Hanukkah jewelry gift she is dreaming of.
    That magic can only come from one place! The magic of
    Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut.  Your little girl’s eyes will light up like never before as she opens the specially designed signature purse jewelry box to reveal a signature jewelry piece from the Enchanting Gemstones or Enduring Enamels collections.  Adorable Children jewelry motifs complimented with the finest quality gemstones or hand crafted enamels will make this Hanukkah occasion the one she will remember the most.
  • Valentine’s Day
    Once upon a time, there was a little princess who was loved so deeply, her parents would do anything to find the one Valentine Day gift of jewelry that will make her happy forever after.  They searched across all of the land and finally found the perfect expression of their love.  A unique jewelry gift from Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut.
    Loving designed jewelry including Enchanted Gemstones and Enduring Enamels are a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift from the Heart. Every time she wears her special jewelry, she will remember that she is adored and cherished by the person that loves her the most.
  • Sweet Sixteen
    What could be sweeter than watching your special little girl become a beautiful teenager?  Perhaps watching her open the one jewelry gift that she treasure forever.  That gift is one of the intricately crafted pieces of jewelry from Fufoo’s fine Designer Children Jewelry collection at The Jewelry Hut.
    Your little princess will delight in knowing that you have chosen something truly spectacular for her Sweet Sixteen Birthday gift.  Whether it is a signature jewelry piece from Enchanting Gemstones or a classic from the Enduring Enamels jewelry collection at, her eyes will sparkle, her heart will race and her smile will let you know you have given her the sweetest Sweet Sixteen gift of jewelry of all.

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FuFoo’s Fine Children Designer Jewelry Store.




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