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The Jewelry Hut Gemstone Education - Alexandrite

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  • Alexandrite - The Color-Change Gem

    Alexandrite Gemstone

    Incandescent Light (Night)

    Alexandrite Gemstone

    Natural Light (Day)

If you love magic, especially the magic of science, you will love alexandrite, the color-change gem. Outside in the daylight, it is a cool bluish mossy green.  Inside in lamplight, it is a red gem, with a warm raspberry tone.  You can watch it fleck back and forth by switching from fluorescent to incandescent light.

Alexandrite is a gem variety of the mineral chrysoberyl discovered  in 1830 in Czarist Russia.  Since the old Russian imperial colors are red and green, it was named after Czar Alexander II on the occasion of his coming age.

Today, fine alexandrite is most often found in period jewelry since newly mined gems are extremely rare. You will see fine gems offered at auction with impressive estimates. The original source in Russia’s Ural Mountains has long since closed after producing for only a few decades and only a few gemstones can be found on the market today.  Material with a certificate of Russian origin is still particularly valued by the gem trade. Some alexandrite is found in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Brazil, but very little shows a dramatic color change. For many years, alexandrite was almost impossible to find because there was so little available.

Then, in 1987, a new find of alexandrite was made in Brazil at a locality called Hematita.  The Hematita alexandrite shows a striking and attractive color change from raspberry red to bluish green.  Although alexandrite remains extremely rare and expensive, the production of a limited amount of new material means a new generation of jewelers and collectors have been exposed to this beautiful gemstone, creating an upsurge in popularity and demand.

Cleaning Methods:

  • Usually safe in steamer or ultrasonic
  • Safe in warm, soapy water

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