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  • Most common Mistakes men make when buying Jewelry Gift and How to avoid them.

What really strikes fear into menís hearts is trying to purchase a gift for a spouse or girlfriend.  What does she like? what does she need?  What is her size? Will this gift really knock her out?

Left to our own devices, men too often come home with ďsafeĒ gifts; flowers, chocolates, fashion items for the house, that require little or no knowledge of what she really desires.

  • Not asking for help

It is no secret that most men hate asking for directions.  Most men would rather drive around in circles for hours rather stop and ask someone how to get somewhere.  It is hard to tell if this is some biological imperative imprinted into menís genes,  or a behavioral thing impressed upon men almost from the time of birth. Maybe a combination of both. But the fact is that, if you are a guy, you are supposed to be in charge: a leader, a navigator, an expert at map reading, with an innate sense of direction. Woe to the traitor that breaks this code.
Well letís face it.  This predisposition can be very dangerous when trying to buy a jewelry gift for a girlfriend of wife. It is necessary to seek help in these cases. The first thing you need to do is help yourself by doing some research.  pay attention to the jewelry she wears now. Pay attention to the clothes she wears most often, and make sure you pick jewelry that matches and complements them.  Finally,  go snooping in her jewelry box, and look at what is in there that she has but does not wear.  Look for items that are missing a piece, does she have a ring and necklace in a particular gemstone, but no earrings to match?

  • Not educating yourself

Buying a gift for a loved one can be a daunting experience And buying jewelry as a gift is even scary at times.  Jewelry is probably the most intimidating gift a man could purchase.  Many of men do not know the first thing about the 4 Cs, much less all the different stones and types of metal available. And, men definitely cringe at the thought of facing a salesperson without being prepared.
SO, before hitting the store to come home completely discouraged, do your homework in our education and buying guides section. Learn as much as you can about jewelry; metals, precious, semi precious, pearls, prices, retailers ( both in your area and online in the internet).  Information on jewelry will make shopping for jewelry a comfortable experience. and, the results will be rewarding; your purchases will be intelligence and very personal.  It will be easy to dazzle a loved one with your knowledge, which will again show how much thought you put into this.

  • Not Shopping

Itís a known fact that men hate to shop. Take us to car dealership, the local Shaper Image store or Circuit City, and chances are you will cruise along like kids in a candy store.  But, watch a guy in a supermarket wandering up and down the aisles looking for olives, or some hapless, dazed soul trying to find his way around a mall or department store.  You get the idea! The problem is that there is no substitute for pre shopping.
Once you have figured out what she would like, done your homework and learned all you ever wanted to know about jewelry; it is necessary to see what is out there and who has the best selection for your needs. One big reason we built is so you can browse through a wide assortment from many reputable jewelry manufacturers at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, in your bathrobe or pajamas, unshaven if you like!  Since you will have done your homework before pre-shopping, you will realize that itís much easier when you know white gold from platinum and tanzanite from garnets.

  • Not Choosing the Right Retailer

Regardless of where dad bought your momís engagement ring, an online jeweler is often your best choice.  The Jewelry Hut has a better pricing, because they do not have the expenses of a traditional retail store, like store rent and cost of maintaining a large inventory and etc. The Jewelry Hut has a solid, clear return and refund policy. They also have a complete quality control policy.

  • Not Buying Jewelry, because it is Too Expensive

Jewelry is the gift a man never go wrong with. After all, it is beautiful, valuable, romantic, lasting, versatile, the same jewelry piece can be appropriate for many different outfits and occasions, and the ultimate symbol of love.
One of the biggest mistake is to think that you need to be a super wealthy person to buy fine jewelry. Actually, there is a wide variety of fine jewelry for every taste and budget.  That is not to say you should not spend more for that ďSpecial Jewelry.Ē  You will know the different karatages of gold can have as much of an impact on prices as the carat weight of a gemstone. You will know there are beautiful and very popular semi precious gemstones that will please just as much as precious gemstones, and cost a lot less.

  • Flowers are not Forever

If you follow these simple guidelines, your gift giving experience will be greatly rewarding.  It is a pleasure to see a loved oneís face light up when receiving that little box.  It is even better to see her face light up again 10 years from now when she remembers the trouble you went (sure, let her believe it was a hassle.) to get that special jewelry gift.  After all, great things come in small packages.

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