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Welcome to The Jewelry Hut Pearl Buying Guide Gallery

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Cultured Pearls


Gems of the sea

The Jewelry Hut Ladies with pearls  Strands Necklace


The Jewelry Hut lady with Pearls Necklace, Earrings , and  Ring Set



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A Pearl is Born!

Far below the surface of the sea a miraculous event is taking place , that is the birth of a cultured pearl.

Today, cultured pearls are the foundation of every woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Fashionable, feminine and fresh, cultured pearls enhance a woman’s palette of styles.

Rich and adaptable, a lustrous star in the world of fine jewelry, a simple cultured pearl necklace can take a woman through every moment in her life,  any outfit in her wardrobe.

Cultured pearl education and pearl buying guide is The Jewelry Hut top Priority. The Jewelry Hut have prepared for you a pearl buying education guidelines to help you understand all the different varieties of pearls available in market place, and how to judge pearl quality and value.  What style and size is right for you. So, please take your time and go through these guide lines in our “pearl buying education center”.

Please click on the ”Pearl Education Center” link to view The jewelry Hut customer pearl buying education guidelines.


Pearl Education Center



The Jewelry Hut Cultured Pearls Stand


Perfect Pearl Gift for Perfect Woman

The Jewelry Hut Pearls Jewelry Gallery

Pearls have always been the perfect gift of love.  That is why tradition has made them the bridal jewel. There is no other jewels conveys the warmth, depth of feeling and eternal qualities of that emotion. Giving the gift of love is easy with cultured pearls. As they come in a variety of styles and pearl jewelry choices, there is a perfect pearl gift for every one.

The Jewelry Hut suggests the following occasions for a perfect pearl gift:
Sweet Sixteen, Birthdays, Valetine’s Day, Mother’s Day, June Pearl Birthstone Month, Wedding, Anniversaries, Christmas, Graduation, and Business Promotions.

The Jewelry Hut suggest the following Pearl Gifts:
Pearl Necklaces, Multi-strand bracelets, Mabe Pearl Pendants, “add A Pearl” Necklaces, Pearl Cluster Ring, Single Pearl Rings, Pearl Stud Earrings, Mabe Pearl Earrings, Tassel Pearl Earrings, Cluster Pearl Earrings, South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings, Pearl Brooches, Pearl Cufflinks, and Pearl Tie Tacks.

The Jewelry Hut invite you, our valued customers, to visit our pearl gallery by clicking  the “Fashion Idea” link to view some tips for selecting pearls necklaces.


Pearl Fashion Idea



The Jewelry Hut Fancy Designer Pearl and Diamonds Ring The Jewelry Hut Fashion Designer Pearl and Diamonds Rings

The Jewelry Hut Cultured Pearls Strands

The Jewelry Hut Pearl and Diamonds Ring
The Jewelry Hut Pearls and Diamond Stud Earring


White pearls are the best and most valuable. There are two components which comprise the make of a pearl which are the pearl body color and overtone. Always insist on a pure white body color pearl and be skeptical before purchasing pearls that are yellow or creamy in color. The overtone of a pearl is the color that overlies the body color and can be either silver or rose. One should always be shopping for one or two possible choices to insure maximum value;

  • A white body color pearl with rose overtones, or
  • A white body color pearl with silver overtones.

AT The Jewelry Hut, quality and workmanship is very important. The Jewelry Hut hand select all of the pearls from the leading manufacturer of South Sea, Golden South Sea, Tahitian, Japanese (Akoya), and Chinese Fresh Water pearls. All Pearls must have high to medium luster, must be round in shape, with smooth surfaces and no noticeable blemishes.

You can click on the following link to view and purchase a fine quality pearl jewelry item from The Jewelry Hut Private pearl jewelry collection Catalog, or use our advance pearl search feature to search a strand of pearls.

Pearl Search

Akoya Cultured Pearls:  Can’t miss classic

The Jewelry Hut Akoya Cultured Pearl

Akoya Pearls are what every girl imagines when she thinks of pearls; classic and elegance, graceful and impeccable.
Think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jacqueline Onassis.

Origin:  Akoya Pearls are cultured in ocean oysters, the saltwater Pinctada fucata oyster species to be precise. Akoyas are grown on Japanese, and Chinese, pearl farms On average, Okoya cultured pearls tend to be slightly larger than freshwater pearls, ranging from 2 - 10 mm.

Lifestyle:  Akoya cultured pearls work for any woman who wants a classic, clean, sophisticated look. More conservative consumers will immediately be drawn to akoyas, but these pearls are also surprisingly versatile and can be dressed up as well as down.  They are perfect for the office, an after work event, and to add some glamour to a casual weekend outfit.

Fashion:  Try a strand of akoya pearls with a little black dress, skinny jeans, and a high quality T-shirt, your favorite pantsuit, or this summer’s wide array of sun-dresses.

Freshwater cultured Pearls:  The Flavor of Fashion

The Jewelry Hut Fresh Water Cultured Pearl

The wonderful affordability and diversity of freshwater cultured pearls make them perfect for trying out a new design or creating layered looks.
Think young, fresh-faced celebrities such as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan or fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Origin:  Formed in lakes and rivers, mainly in China (though the US and Japan also produce freshwater cultured pearls), these pearls come in a variety of pastel shades, and the average sizes is 6 mm, although now larger sizes are also available.

Lifestyle:  Both fashion forward and budget minded women will appreciate freshwater cultured pearls.  They can be mixed and matched to create many different looks, so they can go from work to weekend or day to evening in no time.

Fashion:  Layer a few strand of freshwater pearls over a T-shirt and throw a short blazer on top; or put on several bracelet of different shades of freshwater pearls, mixed with sterling silver.

South Sea Cultured Pearls:  High-End Glamour

The Jewelry Hut South Sea Cultured Pearl

Large, lustrous and especially rare, South Sea cultured pearls are sure to bring to mind wealth, celebrity, and sophisticated glamour.
Think Uma Thurman and Halle Berry.

Origin:  The Pinctada maxima oyster grows these extra large pearls in the warm waters of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, Myanmar, and Thailand.  They range from 9 - 20 mm and colors include silver, white, and gold.

Lifestyle:  South Sea pearls are meant to make a statement, but in a classy, highly sophisticated way.  The confident woman who does not shy away from being the center of attention will be drawn to these beautiful pearls, but if a woman wants a South Sea cultured pearl piece that is still appropriate for everyday wear, a bold ring or pendant will do the magic.

Fashion:  A can’t miss strand of South Sea cultured pearls will be all she need to accompany a gown or cocktail dress, but a ring with a solitary South Sea Pearl is a bold accompaniment to a work outfit and a pair of drop pearl earrings set in platinum can dress up anything she put together.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls:  Dazzling Drama

The Jewelry Hut Tahitian Cultured Pearl

For the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd; in the best way possible, there is probably nothing more dramatically beautiful than the exotic hues of a Tahitian pearl.
Think Elizabeth Taylor, who owns one of the largest Tahitian pearls in the world. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also wear a strand of multicolor Tahitian cultured pearls.

Origin:  Tahitian cultured pearls are grown in the Pinctada margaritifera oyster species and are found throughout the warm ocean lagoons of French Polynesia. Also large, they range from 8 - 18 mm in size. Peacock is the most popular Tahitian pearl color, but they also come in varied hues of blacks gray, silver, taupe, green, and eggplant. Strands with mixed colors are fashionable too.

Lifestyle:  Tahitian pearls make a serious statement. But any woman who wants something both extraordinary and out of the ordinary will appreciate its special beauty.

Fashion:  A pair of Tahitian pearls and diamond earrings will create a stunning effect against a black cocktail dress, but a ring or pendant will also add a sense of confidence and unique style to a neutral colored suit or a pair of black pants and white shirt.

The Birth Gem Stone for Each Month
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Opal is The Birth Gem Stone for October
Citrine is The Birth Gem Stone for November
Blue Topaz is The Birth Gem Stone for December


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