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Celebrating a Special Occasion with a Jewelry Gifts
A Jewelry Gift that She will Treasure Forever

Great Neck, NY - July 2006.  Gift giving has long been a source of confusion for men.  Even men who have made romance a priority in the early stages of their relationship, often slip into the uncreative rut of practical odd gifts; flowers and romantic dinners give way to household appliances and etc.

The Jewelry Hut, one of the best online diamond and fine jewelry store, together with its expert jewelers have come together and create guidelines to help men understand what women want as jewelry gift.  They, The Jewelry Hut and its expert jewelry staffs, have created a collection of romantic tips and gift ideas, coupled with their diamond, Gemstone and jewelry-buying guide.  With this knowledge, every man should be able to score some points with his sweethearts on their special occasion, bring romance to their relationship, and make his true love the envy of all her friends.

The Jewelry Hut expert staffs can provide the knowledge needed to make your special occasion one that she will always remember and treasure.

Most men need a little nudging when it comes to understand that women wish to be cherished and made to feel special. If they only remember how simple it was; men would remain as attentive at their 15th anniversary as they are on the first.

A little listening and a romantic jewelry gift on special occasions go a long way to sustain a healthy, long and successful relationship.  Yet, buying that romantic diamond jewelry gift continues to be a source of stress for most men, so they tend to stay with the predictable Valentine’s Gift: the standard card, a dozen red roses, some candy (or heart shape chocolates) or nice fancy dinner at a fine restaurant. But what most women really want is for their men to surprise them with a very romantic gift, ideally a gift they treasure forever.  In fact, a recent survey showed that more half of the women report that women like to be surprised with a gifts of diamond or gemstone jewelry.
However, the same survey finds that over half of men find jewelry buying very stressful, and less than half of men have little knowledge or any idea what they are doing when it comes to shop for jewelry. What is more, men are worried that they have to give up on quality to meet their budget, or that jewelry buying is very inconvenient or high pressure to enjoy.
The Jewelry Hut expert jewelry staffs with many years of experience often offer advice to assist men.  Men with the knowledge diamond or gemstone jewelry are empowered to make confident purchasing decisions and help them understand what they are getting for their moneyThe Jewelry Hut provides an in depth diamond and gemstone jewelry education and guidance in a no pressure environment and carries the highest quality diamonds, colored gemstones and fine jewelry at the lowest affordable prices, which allows men to maximize the impact of their jewelry gift while staying within their budget.


Most men spend countless hours to research the purchase of new car, with the right information and tools; they can easily apply the same level of competency when purchasing fine jewelry in fraction of the time.
Diamond stud earrings are one good example of a sure fire gift idea; one size fit all, they match everything, and inspire appreciation that can last a lifetime. If you have been together for sometimes, they are the perfect diamond jewelry gifts.  And, if you are already married, then the only gift better than a diamond is two diamonds.


A few samples of romantic jewelry gift ideas from The Jewelry Hut:

  • Jewelry present versus Jewelry gift.
    One should know the difference between the two.  A gift is something you give to your special someone that you think they will enjoy and appreciate. A present is something you give under the pretense that they will enjoy it, but secretly you chose it because you wanted it.  A great rule of thumb to remember is a jewelry gift to give within the confines of a romantic relationship should speak directly to that intimacy, make the ordinary extraordinary.  Some examples include: send flowers because it’s …, a candlelit dinner, or maybe a simple “I Love You.”
  • Valentine’s Day.
    You can do this the traditional with gifts that never go out of style, chocolate or flowers. But, if you wish to make a great impression, think jewelry. Gift buying for your mate or other half should be no different than communicating in your relationship.  The more frequently you do, it the more comfortable you will become in knowing what your loved one likes.
  • Engagement.
    Listen to your heart!  The moment has to be special for the two of you.  Try to select a memorable place you have shared.  She will be telling the story of the proposal to friends and strangers for the rest her life, so pull back your Love arrow and give her your best shot!
  • Anniversary.
    Traditionally, a gift of card is given on the first anniversary. Instead, give her Jewelry gift from your heart!  A hint: if you want to understand how much jewelry is meant your beloved ones.  Ask her what she remembers about each piece of jewelry she owns.  She will know the history of each jewelry piece.  My grandmother gave this particular jewelry item to me; my mother gave me this jewelry piece for our wedding day; you gave me this jewelry gift on our last anniversary. Because to a woman, jewelry carries very strong sentimental attachments.
  • Simplicity is often the answer.
    There is no formula for how to have and maintain a healthy, long-term relationship.  Like diamonds, every couple is different, and unique; however, if you trust your instincts, communicate honestly, and openly show your affection.

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