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  • Sterling Silver

The Silver jewelry available at The Jewelry Hut are made of beautiful sterling silver. For our collection, we have chosen some of the best fashion designs created by some  of the finest silver craftsmen.  This guide will help you to learn quality silver jewelry.

  • Sterling Silver
    Pure, or fine, Silver is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged, so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.
    Although any metal can make up the 7.5% no-silver portion of sterling, expert experimentation have shown copper to be its best companion,  improving the metal’s hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color.
    The small amount of copper added to sterling has very little effect on the metal’s value. Instead price of the silver item is affected by the labor involved in making the item, the skill of the craftsperson, and the intricacy of the design.
  • Stamp of quality
    Most high quality silver jewelry items are stamped with a “fineness” or “quality” mark.  This mark designates the precious metal content of the jewelry, and under federal law, must be accompanied by a marker’s mark of registered trade mark.
  • Silver Alloys
    Because pure silver is so soft, it should only be used when malleability is required, such as in handcrafted jewelry featuring weaving and other intricate designs.
    Sterling silver is most often used for jewelry and household accessories because of its combination of beauty and durability. Acceptable quality marks for sterling silver include:
  • Sterling
  • Sterling Silver
  • Ster
  • .925
  • Care
    With proper care, your fine quality silver will last a lifetime. To minimize scratches and other damage, store your silver jewelry either in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Avoid exposing your silver to household chemical when cleaning with bleach or ammonia, or when swimming in chlorinated water, as these chemical can damage silver.
  • Ask Around
    Her mother, sister or best friend could definitely point you in the right direction about her jewelry needs and desires. If you’d prefer a more expert opinion, find out where she shops, and talk to her jeweler about what she’ bought recently and what she’s been looking at. And of course, you can go directly at the source.  Next time you are in the mall together, stop by some jewelry counters and take note of what catches her eyes.
  • Clean your Silver regularly
    Care should also be taken to prevent silver tarnish build up, a dulling that naturally occurs when reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the ambient air. To clean your silver, use polishes formulated specifically to remove tarnish. You can find fine silver polishes, solutions, or cloths appropriate to remove tarnish at most hardware stores or specifically craft stores. Tarnish is most easily removed when it first becomes visible.
    Although wearing your silver jewelry often is the best to prevent tarnish from building up, regular cleanings of all your silver jewelry items will prevent tarnish and keep your silver bright and sparkling.

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